Steve Unsworth - VAK Hypnotherapy

Patricia O'Brien trained under Steve Unsworth from VAK Hypnotherapy in the UK. The video below shows Steve talking about the Hypnotic Gastric Banding procedure.


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View Emma Everleigh-Anderton's story of how she lost 30 kilos after having Gastric Banding Hypnotherapy.

No surgery, no risks; revolutionise your health habits with hypnosis.

A NEW pioneering radical non-surgical weight loss alternative.

In a world where we are continually bombarded with images of celebrities and sports personalities with perfect, toned bodies it's easy to become depressed about being overweight. We know that if you are overweight you are more likely to develop health problems such as heart disease including strokes, diabetes, gout, gallbladder problems, osteoarthritis, sleep problems and certain forms of cancer.

Not to mention the potentially low self esteem, depression and a reluctance to engage socially with friends, family and work colleagues.


What options do you have?

Now available through Medicare and increasingly popular is the gastric band. This is a major surgical procedure to place an inflatable band around your stomach that limits the amount of food you can consume. The key issues to consider with this option are:

  • The Medicare waiting list is approximately three years
  • A stringent selection process
  • Includes counselling and is dependent on previous dieting history
  • A long recovery period and potential medical complications
  • Potential risk of DVT or contracting MRSA
  • The band can slip or in some cases be subject to erosion
  • Cost of the operation privately is between $6,000 and $14,000
  • There are NO guarantees of success


So what is the alternative?

Well, it’s not another diet or an expensive gastric operation that could put your current health in danger. It is a Hypnotic Gastric Band – NO fancy diet or operation – it’s all in the mind!

You will undertake a course of 4 sessions of hypnosis.


The basis of this treatment is:

  • Initial consultation explaining the procedure
  • Professional Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) sessions which include sensory based materials to simulate the smells and sounds of a surgical procedure
  • A solution for people that have a phobia about hospitals or surgery
  • Safe way to lose weight, look good, feel good and change to a healthier YOU!
  • It is totally safe without any potential complications
Skip the dangerous treatments and horrible hospital stay and get healthy the smart way - mind over body!  

Most weight problems are issues of the mind and by inducing clients into a deep hypnotic state we are able to treat the issues with the NEW Hypnotic Gastric Band. The patient is talked through every step of typical Gastric Band surgery and at the end of the treatment is convinced their stomach is now roughly the size of a golf ball. Anything more than small portions of food will lead to the feeling of being overfull and bloated.

Practitioner Patricia O’Brien takes all the sessions. She was trained in the Hypnotic Gastric Banding process by Steve Unsworth, a hugely experienced practitioner and member of the UK Guild of Hypnotic Examiners. With Patricia's international experience and stellar training, you will be in safe and experienced hands.

The specialist Hypnotic Gastric Band application method in the weight loss field is said by many experts to be a pioneering non-surgical approach for many individuals to adopt a new lifestyle of healthy eating.


Some of the subliminal messages you will receive:

  • You love your body and respect it
  • You physically cannot eat the same amounts you used to
  • You are no longer interested in unhealthy foods
  • You become healthy quickly and easily
  • You are more interested in an active, positive life


Interested? Take the next step.

  • Perfect for those who already have the foundations of a diet and exercise pattern
  • Four sessions of hypnotherapy (each session is from 90 minutes to two hours long)
  • A recording on CD of a particular session with Patricia.
    Listen to this to reinforce good habits as you lose weight
  • Unlimited support by phone or email
  • Contact Patricia now for a special offer on this service!

The Hypnotic Gastric Band – the pioneering new way to lose weight NOW.

When all the diets have failed, expensive surgery is no longer the last option for essential and serious weight loss. The Hypnotic Gastric Band may be new to Australia but successful results are already being obtained.

To change your life, simply email Patricia. Take the first step NOW to your healthier, lighter and more positive life!

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