Services Summary

In Balance Hypnotherapy specialises in hypnotism for the following experiences:

  • phobias
  • smoking
  • weight loss
  • low self-confidence/self-esteem
  • pain management
  • differences in sex drive

If you have any other issue that you would like treated, please feel free to contact us.

Just a few hypnosis sessions with In Balance Hypnotherapy can reinvent your relationship with food.
Or, try Hypnotic Gastric Banding;
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A complete range of life-changing services.

Services to:

Boost Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Hypnotherapy is a safe way to build self-esteem. A lot of traditional therapy methods involve uncovering the hurt creating low self-confidence, which can often be a distressing and painful task for the patient. Hypnotherapy instead starts by accepting the cause and building a framework for positive thinking. In fact, the patients often feel more confident before they even leave the office; results are instant and long-lasting. Everybody deserves to trust and like themselves, and hypnotherapy can help quiet that voice of negativity in so many minds.

Kick-Start Your Weight Loss

Patricia maintains that food is there to be enjoyed, and should not be the cause of stress or self-hatred. In Balance Hypnotherapy provides sessions to repair your relationship with food and help you manage a sensible diet with minimal stress.

A recent study discovered that the use of hypnosis and motivational suggestions produced an average 7.7 kilo weight loss in the test group over 6 months, compared to a quarter kilo weight loss in a control group over the same amount of time. This makes hypnosis over 30 times as effective for weight loss!

Patricia has trained in a revolutionary new technique called Hypnotic Gastric Banding, or HGB. This process replaces an actual gastric banding operation with no risk and great results. Read more here.

Quit Smoking Now

Nicotine withdrawal is worst in the first 24-48 hours, and often only lasts for two weeks. The hardest part for smokers is the psychological addiction: your cigarette with your morning coffee, or the belief that you're not strong enough to quit.

That's exactly why hypnotherapy is so useful for smoking cessation. Book a session for just before you quit, or in the first few days, to solidify your willpower and make it easier to create and continue healthy habits.

Energise Your Sex Life - Spice It Up!

Differences in your sexual drive can often cause tension within a relationship, and hypnotherapy is a gentle and non-intrusive way to approach this issue. "Virtual Viagra" is a good description for how her sessions work. Put the spice back in your love life with this surprisingly effective method!

"Virtual Viagra" is available for women as well as men, and does not have to be the result of a diagnosed issue. If you simply want to improve your ability to enjoy your partner, a hypnotherapy session with Patricia could be the turning point in your relationship. Call Patricia and get your mojo working again!

Overcome Phobias and Fear

In Balance Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fear. Whether you're just too nervous to book that driving test, or you've had claustrophobia your whole life, hypnotism is a low-stress way to address and learn to manage these fears.

Love Your Pregnancy

Hypnotherapy with Patricia can help you manage your emotions on this life-changing journey, and will teach you techniques to overcome discomfort and nerves during labour.

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